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About Us

Who we are?


Birding Peace Colombia is a promoter of tourism of nature, formed by two people seeking from beginning to end to provide an excellent service. We are originating in the Department of Tolima, birders by hobby, we began to engage in bird watching for an ideal: the conservation of the ecosystems of our country; We believe that, through the bird watching you can encourage that the country’s economy will boost through tertiary activities such as nature tourism; In addition to take advantage of great biodiversity and richness in flora and fauna that our country has to show, and put aside the primary activities as mining that damaged our cherished ecosystems.

Our Guides


All our guides are professional and very passionate about birds and nature, they were trained locally in bird watching, know the places we visited on the tours and have good relationships with people that are in each point of watching. They are trained to provide excellent service and to resolve any inconvenience that may occur in the expedition.

Why choose BPC?


Because our team knows to perfection the ecosystems and birds that are found in the departments which we operate; the Department of Tolima, was one of the departments most affected by the violence, our goal is to boost the local economy, allowing that the communities are involved and impacted in a positive way to work with them; allowing all the resources that we use on the tours to be companies or operators that have been formed in those departments; In addition, because 780 species have registered in Tolima and Cundinamarca 907 species being departments that have differences in their ecosystems as climate and altitude; they are also areas that are relatively close to the capital of the country.

We have a range of expeditions already created for you; however, we will always work to provide the most personalized, adapted to the specific needs of each client. We provide a quality service through the best food, lodging and transportation can be found in our departments.


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