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Ibagué (Colombia)
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Discover Tolima

Experts and bird lovers find in Tolima an ideal destination for the practice of Bird Watching. A great variety of ecosystems that can be found in its wide geography that goes from dry forests, tropical and humid forests, through deserts to moors at 5800 meters above sea level.

It is because of its conditions that this department of Colombia is home to more than 743 species of birds, of which 15 are endemic, and 17 are almost endemic. (source)

Bird watching points.

    • Hacienda El Triunfo, Honda
    • Cañon del Combeima
    • Humedal El Hato
    • Reserva Loro Orejiamarillo
    • Fundación Orquídeas del Tolima
    • Jardín Botánico San Jorge
    • Ukuku Rural Loudge
    • SPA Ambiental Los Alpes, Honda
    • Reserva El Tesoro