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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions write to us and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Yes, we can accommodate your trip according to your requirements, places, hotels, as you wish.Write us https://birdingpeacecolombia.com/create-your-route/

Yes, our company has a guide that will accompany you all the time and speaks English, however, if the guide is not bilingual a translator will accompany the tour.

Yes, we are able to offer a different activity to your companion and that you can enjoy the tour together

For personalized tours you can leave a message at [email protected], send a message to whatsapp at +57 3153724725 or +57 3163967953 or write throught https://birdingpeacecolombia.com/create-your-route/. First we will agree on an itinerary with points of interest, then we will send you a quote and then you will pay according to our instructions; and we’ll send you a document that you must read completely, sign it and send it back scanned to complete the reservation.

For scheduled tours, first you will register in the booking of the tour you want, we will then send the payment instructions and a document that you must read completely, sign it and send it back scanned to the email registered in the booking; to complete the reservation.

Where possible we offer you the best there is in each place, with comfortable and comfortable hotels, on the itinerary are the hotel links, only in special cases of very remote but unique places, you can stay in a more restricted accommodation, As for the food, if you require any type of food such as vegan or vegetarian, you are taken into account, otherwise in many places the food is typical of the region, Colombian food will love it. The transport is Vans or four-wheel drive vehicles or jeeps where required.

The electric power is at 120 volts, it is not 220 as in Europe, in almost all hotels there is wifi service, in some rural areas it is not possible to find wifi, the mobile phone signal is always available with exception on some mountainous roads or according to the operator, in Colombia the telephone operators are Movistar, Claro, Tigo and Virgin.

We are a fully registered tourism company that complies with all Colombian laws and regulations. We are subject to Colombian laws and the strict requirements of the National Tourism Office. Our national tourism registration number: RNT # 71854.

Note legal # 1: Birding Peace Colombia is against any form of sexual tourism and adopts the code of prevention and action against pornography and sexual exploitation, in accordance with the law 679 of 2001 and in accordance with article 44 of the Colombian Constitution. Birding Peace Colombia adopted the code of conduct and legal commitment for the protection of women and young children from any form of sexual exploitation and violence caused by domestic or foreign tourists. Therefore we will communicate to the authorities all the behaviors related to exploitation and sexual abuse. Our policy is the zero tolerance to sexual tourism.

Legal note # 2: Birding Peace Colombia is linked to all Colombian laws that act against illegal trafficking of flora and fauna (Law 599 of 2000, Legal Decree 1608 of 1978), illegal trafficking of cultural heritage and heritage (Law 397 of 1997) and the exploitation of minor children in work and work (Law 1098 of 2006). We have a strong defense against any type of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideology, philosophical orientation, sex, sexual orientation or disability (Law 1482 of 2011).

The national and regional environmental authorities of Colombia have requested land agents and tour operators to transmit to all visitors the following basic recommendations when visiting protected areas:

  1. Do not remove or extract native plants and wild animals from the areas.
  2. Do not disturb or feed wildlife during visits.
  3. Refrain from introducing exotic species (plants, animals, microorganisms) in protected areas or anywhere else in the country.
  4. Follow the instructions and recommendations given to visitors by park staff.
  5. Always use established trails and paths within the park and its surroundings, and do not walk or drive motor vehicles through protected areas within the reserve.
  6. Keep the consumption of plastics, cans and all types of garbage to a minimum, and dispose of them in designated containers. Recycle and reuse whenever possible.
  7. Provide support and understanding to local communities whenever possible, increasing their benefits derived from ecotourism activities and expenses.
  8. Be respectful of local culture, traditions and history.

In the following link you can read about Colombia and answer questions about generalities, climate, currency, visa, health, among others. However, do not doubt to write to us with any concerns about the country and the places we will visit.