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Our country in recent years has undergone different political changes, peace agreements with different groups outside the Law, since 2006 with the paramilitary groups AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia) and in 2016 with a peace process with the FARC (Fuerzas Revolucionarias de Colombia), who was the largest guerrilla group in the country, thanks to these agreements has been able to explore in areas where these people previously remained, new destinations for nature tourism have been created, thus being able to practice hobbies such as hiking, trekking, birding, sport fishing or wildlife photography.

On the other hand, and although a small group of people who were part of the peace agreement decided to change their options and reoffend their behaviors, it should be clarified as some people of his renowned political party FARC (Fuerza Relativa Revolucionaria del Común) have openly stated in official statements that 95% of the people who demobilized remain firmly with the Process of Peace.

For Birding Peace Colombia, the security of its users is of great importance and as its name implies, in our tours we take people to tour the country by reservations and ecolodges where tranquility is felt when connected with nature; on the other hand, we tell you that it is normal that during the tours of the tracks of our country you frequently see soldiers of the National Army on the road, this is done by the state in order to make people feel safe.

We invite you to travel through our country, to know its valleys, rivers, waterfalls, forests, moorlands and badlands, for the last year in our country, according to a report of the newspaper Portafolio, «the non-resident visitors who arrived in Colombia were 4,276,146 and that occupation Hotel has reached 55.46% in 2018».

Colombia is a destination to explore, come not stay with the desire, more than 1900 birds await you.